Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Missing Autumn

My sweet friend who just moved to Tanzania as a missionary painted a beautiful picture of missing the seasonal change to Autumn. You can see it here. As I am updating my new blog, I am going through old posts, and I just read one where it had occurred to me that I might not experience the change of seasons for quite some time.

Enter "cold" season 2010. While 2009 was a year of survival, 2010 has been one of peace and even some growth and thriving. And what did I find myself thinking while nursing Marcus on the bench in our back yard and watching the girls play?  

What a beautiful sound the wind makes blowing through the banana, palm, and mango trees in chorus! How pleasant to hear so many neighbors going through their daily routines! How wonderful that God has brought us here and blessed us through His creation! 

I realized the emotion I felt was the same emotion I often felt when I sensed that chill in the air, saw those first leave turn in color. I am so thankful that God has made these seasons "my" seasons and that He has filled my heart with joy for being here in Cambodia.

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