Thursday, December 16, 2010

"I Have Made Fire" ~Tom Hanks in Cast Away

Granola: Mother-in-law's Recipe
All you amazing mothers out there won't appreciate this, but I had such a wonderful moment tonight. I made stuffed green peppers for the first time! I'm really on a roll lately. I made up my first batch of granola a few days ago and scored big time with a wonderful pasta dish when we had guests.

I had been feeling down for a while. So much to learn. So much to improve. God prompted me to take the time to compile a list of what I have learned or improved in since we arrived in Cambodia. Much to my amazement, it was so long!!! My heart is so encouraged. God is very good at encouragement. How often did He remind the Israelites to remember? I encourage you to remember today and to know that God will forever be working on you, sanctifying you.

A certain scene in the movie Cast Away gets me laughing every time. Tom Hanks on his lonely island has finally figured out how to make fire. He get one roaring and shouts to the ocean, "I," he gestures vividly, "have made fire!"

Well, I gestured vividly to my Lord over my pan of granola, "I have made cereal!"

Thank you, Father, for never giving up on us and always growing us and teaching us...even if it is only a silly thing like cooking. Amen.


  1. This was encouraging for me to read today. I spent this past September in Cambodia-a village in the Sompovloun district-teaching a VBS and doing some mercy ministry there. Since then God has given me a burden to pray for Cambodia. I am so excited to have come across your blog and am praying for your family!

  2. I'll think of you and remember to pray for you (and Tom Hanks??) every time I make granola. ;-) Yay for learning experiences!