Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2011 Plan - A Little of a Late Start

I feel so blessed to be living here in Cambodia. From the age of 16 and up, I prayed that God would allow me to serve Him in this country among these dear friends. The funny thing is that I am, due to certain wonderful blessings, unable to carry out the mission I thought God had given to me oh-so-many years ago. It seems my desire to serve in Cambodia has served one purpose: to get the one who would be more effective here. Chris has conquered the language and become so understanding of the culture through God's grace that it leaves no doubt in my mind what my role is: helper.

Before the ripe old age of 16, I had always wanted to be a pioneer or a Native American, living off the land, making my own butter, and raising my girls to be homemakers and teaching my boys how to help in the home (while their daddy taught them things about tools and livestock and hard work).

It has now come to light that those dreams were not for naught. God has brought all those hopes and longings together in my life at last!

We have struggles to know how to help others, but, as we've been watching, we've learned that this agrarian society shows love and care through crops. If you have fruits trees, you give away some of your fruit to the poor or to your family and friends. It's not looked upon as a handout but a way to be a community and prevent waste.

Chickens and goats do well here and provide families with income or nutrition or both. Loaning livestock then being repaid by the firstborn is a great opportunity to help people have a source of income and nutrition that will last.

While Chris serves, teaches, encourages, and prays, I am ready and excited to be at home to pray and to raise our children on our own  little homestead that serves not only our family but our community. My kids are going to be able to learn (after Mommy learns) to grow food and care for chickens and goats then learn how to share what God gives (it's so visible on a farm) with others.

I look at this year with such excitement and a twinge of fatigue! I see my little center, a dream from the Lord of Life, befriending and helping women in the joyous thing that is childbirth - no big project, just love and care and sharing the awe of new life. I see our homestead developing and helping, and I see myself struggling with a lifestyle I have NEVER known. I see the visitors we're expecting, the little church of foreigners meeting in our living room, the visits with Khmers on our porch ...

I am so glad I am not in charge of my life. I'm glad my dreams are not wishes that my heart makes but seed planted by God for His use and His glory, that He allows me to enjoy.

So...February will be a month of organization and with March will come my first attempt at chickens!!!


  1. this was very encouraging post.. praying for you guys daily!

  2. You are such an open vessel, Casey. I am so touched by the way you live for the Lord of Life.

  3. Let us know how it goes! J & I often talk about trying some more 'urban farming' lol, and I too have no prior experience. I loved how you point out that sharing is a way of growing and investing in your community, I think it should be over here as well! God Bless!