Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Life in Community: Entering the Space

Our village is communally building a space for worship, a space where the monks from the local wat (temple) can come and perform ceremonies. They collected money from each other, borrowed tools and wood, dug and cemented, and even broke a dump truck filled with sand. The structure is now complete, facing south to get the best wind in hot season with a western wall to prevent oppressive heat in the afternoons. Yesterday we saw the black outlines of figures drawn on the walls. My husband went and visited with several men there this afternoon who were painting in the figures, story-pictures from the life of Buddha.

He went to visit with friends with no agenda, but the Holy Spirit always has a plan; we need only to enter enemy territory, listen, and obey.

When we enter Satan's space, we can be used. We can be a light in whatever way the Holy Spirit wants us to be.

"I'm sorry," said an older man in the group, "but I want to talk about religion."

Taken aback, my husband laughed and said, "Sure."

The conversation turned to forgiveness of sins, Christianity not being a religion, and Buddha's teachings that benefit humanity. Truth was spoken because a space was entered.

How do you find yourself "entering spaces" to be used by the Holy Spirit?

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