Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bittersweet Morning

fall forestAs is my habit, I was walking yesterday morning. On this particular day, I felt the almost imperceptible shift in the air toward Autumn, my most beloved season. It thrilled me to have felt that hint of coolness, and my mind soared back in time to the many beautiful Autumns I have been blessed to spend in the United States. With the memories, however, also came a hint of sadness. I do not know when I will feel this wonderful, seasonal change again. I realized what a treasure it was for me, and I realized that I am leaving it behind soon. The "fighting" to get to Cambodia, the challenging new experiences in Alabama, and the excitement of dreaming have now faded into the past, and reality has slowly set in. The picture of what our life will be like and the changes that will take place is more clear much like the sky in Fall. But, we are ready. God has prepared us, and we will go filled with joy.
Please pray with me today for missionaries living overseas. They have left behind so much more than the changing of the seasons.

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