Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Day in the Life of a Missionary Wife

It was very difficult for me in college to imagine what my daily life
as a missionary wife would be. Being here in Huntsville, I am learning
what this lifestyle looks like day in and day out. While it was not
what I expected, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Consider this schedule when considering being a missionary wife. It
is not the same as the one for your husband, but it is just as
necessary and just as wonderful. One thing to note is that the
missionary wife must take advantage of all opportunities as well as try
to create them. One great way is to go to the same place at the same
time on a regular and frequent basis. Then, you can build

So, here is my typical daily schedule:

6:00 Go to the Gym (Chris does web work now)

6:45 Shower and get ready for the day

7:00 Get Maggie up, changed, and clothed and fix breakfast

8:00 Cleaning

8:30 Maggie time (fun, educational one-on-one time)

9:00 Put Maggie to bed, devotional and Bible study

10:00 Language study, Bible lesson building

11:00 Get Maggie up, Fix lunch (often we meet young mothers for lunch
and Bible study or encouragement or we will go as a family to the
park (we meet lots of people there!))

1:00 Maggie and Mommy take a siesta

1:30 Correspondence (keeping in touch with friends, family, mentors,
and supporters) and reporting (we have a monthly newsletter and a
weekly report for the church)

3:00 Call and Cards (to encourage church members as well and keep in touch with those we are ministering to)

3:30 Get Maggie up and feed her a snack, go visiting (we meet people
for coffee or visiting older people in their homes, sometimes we go to
the hospital, etc) and run errands (grocery store, post office, etc)

5:00 Fix Supper (we often have church members or those we are
ministering to over which usually runs late into the night or we have
church of a meeting)

7:00 Put Maggie to bed

9:00 Get ready for the next day, read (we have some assigned reading but we also do a lot of reading for pleasure and learning)

10:00 Bed

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