Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Former Cambodian Student Writes...

My former English student who moved to the States a few years ago writes:

Hi Casey
Thanks for your email. How is everything with you and your baby? You seem very happy, but for me, I feel so upsad. You know what I really don't know why do I want to come to US? I think I made a wrong decision. Because since I was in US I usually sad and I feel so lonely. Sometimes I want to tell someone that I can truth about my story but I can't. You know I really want to rent apartment and live alone, but I can't do that. Now I am living with my sister, brother in law, and his family. Sometimes when I am sad I can't tell anybody about my story so I just cry and cry. Casey I feel jealou with you, you having a good family and a good husband. I don't really know when will my life like your? I don't know what to do now? You are the only person that I tell my story to. Casey, I really miss you and remember a good time that we had together in Cambodia. I really hope we have that good time again.
Ok,Casey mail to me sometimes.

Please be in prayer for my friend. She is not a Christian.

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