Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Call to Arms!

On my prayer "walk" (I drive) today, I found myself understanding in a new way those great verses in Romans: "How shall they believe...?" and "How shall they hear...?" As I parked in the lot beside the Adult Video store and the Silver Dollar Showclub, my heart begged the Redeemer to redeem those caught up in this awful slavery of selfishness, lust, and destruction of what God has made good. The Spirit, however, moved me to pray more fervently for workers. Where are those who God has prepared in special ways to reach the dancers and the ensnared men? Where are those who will reach the hundreds of Latter-day "Saints" in this city? And who is it who will minister to the those who went to prayer today at the Huntsville Islamic Center? What Christian will teach the servers at Hooters that God's attention and love will fulfill them more than the attention they are getting at work?

I ask you, on behalf of the living dead, the unsaved, to consider coming here and serving among a lost people group.

If you do not feel called to Huntsville, Alabama, I ask you next to consider serving these people groups in your community.

If you feel God leading you to serve in another way or to serve another people, I ask you to dedicate your Fridays to either both or one of the following: Prayer for these people groups or fasting for these people groups.

May God raise up His church to serve the lost in Huntsville, in you community, and all around the world!

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