Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fighting Fear

When we visited Harding the Friday of Spring Sing weekend, we were pleasantly surprised to hear Dr. Monte Cox speaking during chapel. He spoke about faith in Christ, faith when we don't understand, faith at all times regardless of what type of person you are. He made a comment which brought tears to my eyes. "I don't like what Jesus says about marriage in heaven. When we die, I want Beth (my wife) to be Beth...but I must trust Jesus." From the time Chris and I married (over two years ago, wow!) this very part of scripture has been a test of my faith. Quite naturally, I feared his death. I wanted him with me always. What if, after a lifetime of ever-deepening love and relationship, we don't even know each other in heaven? Will he be just another spirit to me and I to him? I've poured out my heart to my beloved Chris and to my dear friend Amy on several occasions, and they have met me with the same answer Monte provided: Jesus.

If I believe Jesus is who he says He is, I must trust that heaven and all those blessed people there will be more beautiful, more wonderful, more full of love than we are here on earth. If I trust Him, I can know that heaven is a place I want to be, a place full of those I love, a place of wonderful relationships.

I do not know the answers to my fears. I cannot rationally explain them away. The hard and difficult answer is all that Jesus provides: Himself. I urge you, sisters, to not give up the fight against your fears because it is a fight for Jesus. In fighting for Him you will not be overcome by fear of car wrecks (a personal struggle for me), of death, nor of pain. Never allow yourself to mentally give in. Stay strong; fight!

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