Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Going to the Market

Our preparation time in Huntsville is going very well. It's strange, but the longer we're here, the more I feel like I am on the mission field (as in Cambodia). One of the new joys God has blessed my life with is going to the market. There is an old Star Mart in a place called Five Points (where 5 roads meet) just down the road from our house. The people that work there are older and poorer than the community that surrounds them, but they greet everyone who enters the store like old friends. Maggie and I walked there the other day to pick up some groceries. I made several new friends and saw God open the opportunity to evangelize. When I think about it, I will be doing this same kind of thing in Cambodia: Going to the market, meeting new people, and following God's lead as He, without a doubt, leads me toward leading another into an encounter with the Him.

I read a quote I had written down in my Bible not too long ago: "Do not search for Jesus in far off lands. He is not there. He is close to you. He is with you" (Mother Teresa). I encourage you, my sisters in Christ, to not follow the same path I have followed. Do not long for the future hoping you'll find your dreams there, hoping you'll be a more godly woman once you're there. Do not be like the world waiting for tomorrow.

Jesus is here . . . right now . . . Enjoy Him, cherish Him, and share Him today!

In His love,


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