Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Sometimes it is hard to remember to check our motives in certain situations. Even now, as we are struggling to learn how to serve and partner at Central, I have learned how essential it is to look into my heart and ask, "Why?" Discerning your motives is a wonderful way for God to help you spot and heal troubled areas in your heart of hearts. I encourage you to try it today!

Since I harped on The Power of a Praying Woman in my last blog, I would like to commend a section of it today:

"The motivation for what we do in the area of body care is very important. It will affect how successful we are. If we eat right and exercise merely to look great in our clothes, it won't be enough to sustain us as we get older. But if we eat right and engage in proper exercise for the purpose of being a more vital, healthy, energetic, and useful servant of the Lord, this has eternal consequences and you are more likely to stick with it" (pg 203).

I was "cut to the heart" by these words. My motivations need to change! What about yours?

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