Saturday, October 25, 2008

"On the Side:" Being Called to Another Ministry

     What a thrill to feel like God is leading us to Cambodia. Despite the economic woes of the day, God has provided 50% of our entire budget through His people across the country. What's more, He placed us on the hearts of an amazing church who is seriousloy considering overseering our ministry in Cambodia! We know in the deepest parts of our hearts that He desires for us to live and serve among the Khmer people.

     Oddly enough, during a time when we are feeling His calling for Cambodia strengthen, He has places another ministry on our hearts.

     Well, the truth is out. We're NOT perfect. In fact, we're downright sinful. I say that jokingly but with great conviction. It seems that God wants to make our darkest sin and shame apparent to all the world for His glory. So, here it goes...

     Pornography has been a huge part of our marriage. Chris told me before we were even dating that he struggled with it. It has been a long, hard road, one of discovering each others very worst parts and rejoicing in the grace of God's refining hands. God has sculpted a beautiful marriage out of the ashes of our old selves. Though we long to grow closer and more like Christ every day for the rest of our lives, we feel like God has helped us make a huge leap in our faith in Him and love for each other. Even still it is not always easy; temptation, mistrust, and selfishness creep into our hearts daily. Satan wants to destroy our marriage even still.

     On our trip across America and in Asia, we encountered so many struggling with this same sin. It is our hope and our desire to serve those hurting marriages by simply providing helpful resources, listening ears, and constructive dialogue. We feel God is calling us to the ministry "on the side," and we gratefully want to share our story with families. It is a story of wonderful victory that we hope everyone can rejoice in and, if in the midst of this battle, can look to in hope. Love always hopes!

     Our prayers go out to you, broken hearts. God will rescue you!

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