Thursday, October 30, 2008

So This is What Furlough is Like

This is my first furlough experience. I have always heard
how crazy it can be, but nothing prepared me for the constant travel, meetings,
and smiling that are just part of this very important item in the missionary
job description. My face and bum hurt!

In all seriousness, our “fundraising furlough” has been a
much bigger blessing than I ever could have expected. An unexpected blessing
has been seeing the beautiful country that is our homeland. God’s artistry in
creation has filled my heart with renewed awe, and that awe revitalizes my soul
which is weary from being homeless. God’s heart is my home, and seeing all He
has made from His heart makes me feel at home on the interstates and highways
of this great country.

Another blessing has been seeing so many of our wonderful
family members. Growing up so close to at least my mother’s side of the family
made me treasure familial relationship. Marrying into such an amazing family,
these visits have made family feel close even though hundreds and one day
thousands of miles will separate us.

We have been in so many of our dear supporters homes. I am
so amazed by their generosity and hospitality. I would love to mention each of
their names, but I know their reward is in Heaven. They would have it no other
way. We are sweetly indebted to these precious people. What a blessing to share
with them all they are helping us do in God’s work in Asia.

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