Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Birth Control and the Lordship of God

The Quiverfull Movement is having an impact on mainstream Christianity. Non-Christians and Christians alike are saying its adherents are ludicrous, radical. As referred to in my last blog, I am becoming more and more interested in ideas the world calls ludicrous and radical, strange and odd.

A theme that we have recently been studying, praying, and learning about is the Lordship of Christ, especially as it relates to Christian community and meetings. Questions we ask are as follows: How is Christ the center focus and Lord of our church meetings? Does any man-made role or organization conflict with His Lordship over our times of Christian fellowship? Do our cultural traditions and beliefs conflict with the principles Christ laid out for His church?

So what is the link between these two ideas? Lordship! As we contemplate our family size we are asking these questions: How is Christ the Lord of our family size? Does any man-made idea conflict with His principles for our family size?

The answer to that second question is very clear to us. When we look closely at ourselves and beliefs about family size, we realize deeply held beliefs we had not even realized were there:

Human conception of time and circumstance is the best judge of when to have a child (waiting until after both spouses have master's degrees, waiting until there is a significant amount of wealth_

Human reasoning is another thing to consider when considering family size (desire for freedom and not the restraint of children, etc; having lots of children is irresponsible for economic and environmental reasons)

Basically, we realized we have always believed in a worldly, selfish way that we were lords over our family size. We believed, as taught by Christians and non-Christians, that we should be "responsible," using birth control and considering our situation through worldly eyes as we decided when or if to have children then when or if to have more.

Well, God has brought us a long way so far. We have learned to take Him at His Word:

He alone opens and closes the womb (Melanie was conceived while using birth control).

Children ARE a blessing!

Most forms of birth control have the possibility of being abortive (the Pill, for one)and should not be used by Christians. Life is sacred, and He knows us before we were even conceived.

The bottom line: God alone knows best how big a family size should be for each individual family. Selfishness and worldly wisdom should not play a factor in determining family size nor should worldly contraceptives. We can trust Christ's Lordship in our family size.

What does that mean practically for our family? No, we are not Quiverfull. Yes, we are Christian! We do not view our children as burdens or inconveniences or interruptions in our lives. We believe they are a blessing, and we trust that God will not bless us until we are begging Him to stop. =) We do believe God gives us a choice in our family size, but instead of checking whether another child would disrupt any plans we have for our own lives and happiness, we will seek Him first, asking that the Holy Spirit will reveal to us whether it is the Lord's time for another blessing to our family (as opposed to seeking reasons not to have another baby). Finally, we will use only non-abortive methods of birth control.

The Christian walk is one of growth, a different journey for each soul. We're thankful the Lord is working hard in our lives to teach and grow us despite pressures and influence from the world. It is our prayer for you as well.

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