Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bed Rest

It was just last week with the heat and constant contractions that I was longing to just stay in the bed in our air-conditioned room. When the doctor ordered bed rest for a week, I'll admit, I was relieved. Well, by the end of day one I could hardly stand it! Bored, sore, and listening from a distance to my girls and husband laughing together almost drove me out of bed...almost. I did some research on how to improve bed rest time and made myself a schedule of sorts. As tomorrow is my first official day to slowly get out of bed, I am thanking the Lord for providing me time to do all I got to do! He knew we needed time to plan our furlough extensively, and now it is done! Besides all the work I got to do, baby Marcus Christopher is healthy and well. I'm so thankful the Lord is in charge, and I am not.

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