Thursday, December 9, 2010

Midwifery at Christmas

After having a wonderful and blessed natural pregnancy and childbirth with Marcus as well as finally taking the time to learn about all the amazing ways God reveals himself through the process of childbirth (why didn't I learn all this before? Oh, well. The third time is the charm!), I started seeking the Lord on how I could serve Him here in Cambodia through midwifery. I spoke with an NGO who said it was one of the biggest health needs in the country, especially as it relates  to prenatal care. I spoke to a midwife who said I knew enough to do prenatal care and should get started. Finally, I found someone who had an extra supply of prenatal vitamins. The vitamins sat on the shelf for a month, my ideas and plans became less exciting, and I settled into my role at helpmeet and homemaker following our furlough. Then, my dear friend, Rady, became pregnant. You can see that amazing story here and begin praying please! I walked down the dirt road with a sack of prenatal vitamins and now I have three "clients!" I told them I wouldn't be able to give them more vitamins. I said I could teach them a few things about prenatal care and listen to their concerns. I explicitly told them I was not a professional even though I could point them to professional help. I even asked them if they could help me understand Khmer culture as it relates to child-bearing.

God, not me, has made this happen. The Author of Life has given each of these women a chance to see Him through this experience, and I am so honored He has chosen to use me as a tool. Would you pray for this ministry, for the women's physical and spiritual health and that of their children?

I can hardly wait to share the stories (after I learn a bit more vocabulary and how to manage checkups with three little ones in tow!) of Mary, of Jesus being more in a stable, of the King who would become a babe to be our Saviour! What a blessing to remember, to know, this season the beautiful truth of Life.

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