Thursday, April 5, 2012

Matthew Josiah's Birth Story from Chiang Mai

This boy's birth was exciting! We were staying at the wonderful Juniper Tree in Chiang Mai, Thailand and planned on giving birth at Chiang Mai Ram Hospital with Dr. Suppachai who had delivered Melanie Joy. November 16th, I started having fairly strong contractions in the morning, but most daily activities were doable. I really thought that this was the day. By evening the contractions had lessened, and we went to bed. Around three AM, I woke up and told Chris we might need to go to the hospital soon. He rolled over and said, "Uh huh." I am convinced he really wanted to deliver Matthew himself!

By late afternoon the next day following a good deal of arguing, I finally convinced Chris that we could at least get the babysitters to come on over. Those wonderful people arrived, and our three kids forgot we even existed! Still able to smile (Bradley Method says don't go to the hospital until you cannot smile...), I told Chris I did not want to wait another minute. I wanted to get comfortable before the Transition stage. We took our time loading up and saying good-bye. About 5 minutes into our half hour drive, I hit transition with terrible back labor! I was sure this baby was going to be born in the car.

I have a picture like this for every child. He loves them so much!
Somehow, we made it to the hospital, and they wheeled me into the office while Chris parked. After a good 10 minutes (filled with serious contractions!), I succeeded in convincing the nurses I was indeed pregnant. Furious hand-motion-talking later (no one there spoke English) got me to the labor and delivery room. Chris, my hero, arrived and did his best to relieve my back pain as the nurses tried to change my clothes and have me sign papers. All the while I did my best to push Matthew out. I remember thinking, "Ah! This is why people have home birth. I was so comfortable at home. Then I came here!"

Matthew Josiah Allison was born, and he was a beauty. God's blessing of children NEVER gets old or routine. While I was not pleased with the birth experience (signing papers, really?!?!), I would go through just about anything for these wonderful gifts from God.The best part of Matthew's birth was his meeting of Maggie, Melanie, and Marcus - all smiles, all confident baby-holders (even Marcus!).

We are so blessed!!!

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