Monday, September 30, 2013

Can't Keep From Smiling!

There are those seasons of life that feel like Spring. Each day new buds appear, older buds blossom, and some flower dazzling the eye with unmatchable beauty. Even when it rains, the earth rebounds with even more freshness and fragrance.

This year is our Spring, and we are enjoying this season immensely.

This is growing in our yard - a new bloom almost every day!
 In our Dry Season (which is so called much more appropriately in this part of the world as opposed to Winter), we have prayed for a way our children could learn Khmer. The Khmer schools in our old neighborhood were not an option. For some reason, we couldn't initially find a good tutor. The neighborhood kids mistreated our children, so playtime learning was out. I was discouraged, unwilling for our children to grow up in a country not knowing the language.

But God has graciously placed us right next to an exceptional Khmer school. Today was Maggie and Melanie's first day. They entered an unfamiliar environment with unfamiliar people and came back all smiles and dying to return the next day. As I look back, God has been preparing them for this moment: giving them English-speaking Khmer friends who they could love and play with, giving them a Khmer tutor who rebuilt their trust in Khmer adults, helping us move to a location where good schools abound. Ah, Spring!

Their first day at Kingdom Kids Academy
What a joy to savor this and many other precious blessings this Spring, to replenish dried up vats and celebrate all God has done cloaked in the gloom of Winter's storms and ice. Because the truth is, He is working in every season, without ceasing. His tireless efforts of love are unfazed by wind or rain, sleet or snow.

May God bless you and your family in whatever season you find yourself with His peace and the knowledge of His constant love.

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